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As anyone in the Beauty Industry can tell you, beauty trends come and go (some rather quickly). However, one trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, is ladies shaving their faces. You might be reading this and thinking to yourself- “Is she nuts?! Or just seriously misinformed?”, but stay with me for a minute here. This trend is SO beneficial for SO many reasons. Removing the Vellus hairs completely can make your skin look as healthy and radiant as ever. These hairs that we commonly refer to as “peach fuzz,” can make your complexion appear lackluster, and can sometimes contribute to clogged pores and breakouts. Getting rid of the vellus layer of hair allows products to penetrate deeper, promotes cellular turnover, and exfoliates like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Here’s where you’re probably thinking that your facial hair will grow back thicker and darker in the process…but you’re wrong!  

Dr. Neal Schultz, Cosmetic Dermatologist in NYC explains: “This myth exists because people mistake the wispy feeling they experience as their hair starts to grow back in as “thicker,” and then new, not yet sun-bleached hair as “darker.” We all know that there is very little I will not try when it comes to the latest products and trends. So obviously I jumped aboard the face-shaving train a few months ago, and am completely hooked. The lack of vellus hair allows for the increased penetration and effectiveness of my skin care products like never before.  

“It’s more than just an alternative to waxing,” celeb facialist Kate Somerville says. “Initially I did it for the hair, but then I noticed it was an amazing exfoliator and that my makeup went on a LOT better,” She claims that old Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were fans of the practice, and modern celebs simply just don’t admit to doing the same.  

Bottom Line: I say, absolutely go for it! You will be amazed by the results! 

Things to remember: 

  • Never use the same razor as you use on your legs/body. Both will eventually house bacteria and dead skin cells of their own. To avoid infection, irritation and cross contamination, use separate razors for body and for face. 
  • You can totally use a men’s razor. They are specifically designed to work thru thicker hair; they are sharper and more durable (which decreases your chances of irritation and in-growns.) 
  • Make sure to sanitize the razor with rubbing alcohol after each use.  
  • Keep in mind that shaving any part of your body can cause ingrown hairs, but taking the proper precautions should minimize the risk.  

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