The Marr, The Better

Any Makeup Artist can tell you that the world of prosthetics and special effects makeup is a whole world of its own. The level of skill, knowledge, talent and technique that the field requires is so extreme, that there are very few artists who can do it and even fewer who can do it effectively. […]

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face shaving 2

As anyone in the Beauty Industry can tell you, beauty trends come and go (some rather quickly). However, one trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, is ladies shaving their faces. You might be reading this and thinking to yourself- “Is she nuts?! Or just seriously misinformed?”, but stay with me for a minute here.

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Microneedling 2

It seems that in our society, some of the trendy and more “fashionable” beauty procedures have been reserved to the likes of “those” girls. You know which ones I’m talking about. They are a rare breed that some may even deem superhuman. The ones who sashay around in sky-high heels smiling as the blisters form

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skinny on skin

“The Skinny on Skin”  Being someone’s hairstylist is of course riddled with benefits, but if you told me when I was in Cosmetology School that potentially saving a client’s life was one of them, I’m 99% sure I wouldn’t have believed you. However, if you tell me that today, I would 100% believe you, and

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Winter skincare tips 2

Jack Frost has officially arrived, and unfortunately, when Winter temperatures start to take a nose dive, so does your skin’s moisture. The cooler months bring with them our favorite boots, the greatest of Wool accessories, and the type of cold that chills your bones, chatters your teeth, and unambiguously embezzles any and all remaining moisture

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Gym Makeup Roundup – The Best Makeup to Sweat In

From minerals that plump as you glow to melt proof eyeliners, Osmosis Colour has the perfect cosmetic options to wear at the gym  Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash  Wearing makeup at the gym can actually be healthy and look great (even a significant amount of makeup)! That is if the makeup you are wearing is a mineral makeup line with a clean ingredient

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Liquid Injections

  America’s love affair with plastic surgery (when performed properly to yield desirable results) is not going anywhere anytime soon.  With statistics on the rise and the invention of new procedures happening daily, plastic surgery is becoming more and more mainstream.  Long gone are the days when going under the knife for nips, tucks and self-improvement come with the taboo stigmas once attached.  In

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Strange Practices 2

In a society where appearance carries such a tremendous weight, it comes as no surprise that people across the globe are trying almost anything and everything to find the illusive fountain of youth. Most women will try virtually anything to stay looking young as possible, and very few beauty treatments (no matter how strange or bizarre they

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vera mona review

In a Makeup Artist’s world, time can be quite the adversary. It is oftentimes a friend, but there is always going to be that occurrence, whether it’s a fast-paced fashion show, a major photoshoot or some other event, where time will inevitably become a foe. Lack of adequate time is often a career killer for

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The Fishtail Pony Hair Tutorial

to and Ariba Pervaiz.  Photo credit:  “This look combines a French fishtail with a more traditional braid, making it super versatile and easy to play around with, depending on your style,” explains Ariba Pervaiz, contributor for “For a more polished look, I smooth out the sides for a sleeker, refined finish. In this tutorial, I went with a

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