Gym Makeup Roundup – The Best Makeup to Sweat In

From minerals that plump as you glow to melt proof eyeliners, Osmosis Colour has the perfect cosmetic options to wear at the gym 

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash 

Wearing makeup at the gym can actually be healthy and look great (even a significant amount of makeup)! That is if the makeup you are wearing is a mineral makeup line with a clean ingredient deck. 

1. Try A Mineral Foundation that Plumps as you Sweat 

Minerals by nature love hydration and anytime they come into contact with anything hydrating they plump up and look like a second skin (even if they are in powder form).  

This will happen throughout the day but working out and “glowing” (or sweating) will expedite the process. Try the Osmosis Colour Pressed Base Mineral Foundation Line ($44 each). Available in 14 shades, the formula offers a constant SPF 27+ protection, once applied evenly all over, that does not expire because minerals are constantly reflecting UV light away from the skin. This foundation is also water resistant! When you perspire, you can just blot off the moisture and you won’t disturb your finish. 

2. Try the Secret to Budge-Proof Eyebrows  

Get perfect brows with Osmosis Colour Water Resistant Brow Gel ($25 each). It fills in sparse, thinning brows and creates a beautiful shape without flaking or fading. This unique gel formula dries quickly and becomes smudge and water-proof.  

With 4 shades, it glides on like a cream and sets to last all day. It won’t move until you want it to. Complete with an angled brush for a precise application, each glide will make a stroke so natural looking, you would never know it wasn’t real hair. 

3. Try Melt Proof Eyeliner  

One of the biggest issues eyeliners face is wearability. Most of them do not stay on as well and tend to run in the middle of the day. Change your liner and make it melt proof with Osmosis Colour Eye Pencils ($25 each). Water-resistant with long lasting wearability, this eyeliner glides smoothly onto the lash line, dries quickly and defines eyes. With 5 shades to pick from, head to the gym or for activities out in the sun without the worry of melting makeup. 

Tired from your workout? Switch from your go to black pencil to a navy blue one. This will brighten the whites of eyes and give the illusion that you are more awake. 

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