Self Confidence Piece

Recently I received an email from a Mirabella reader asking me about my personal experiences with self confidence, and inquiring about how I always come across so confident. Honestly, I was shocked. Me? Perpetually confident? No way! I am relatively open about my life, but trust me when I say, that I know the struggle of having your self confidence be in short supply. Everyone has confidence issues in one form or another, and anyone who says they don’t, is probably lying. There are days where I feel like my hips are too wide, my hair is too thin, my huge boobs are too “in your face”, my skin isn’t as flawless as so and so’s, and my weight is a constant struggle. (The struggle being I love pasta, hate cardio and my jeans constantly remind me of the lack of balance in the carb to exercise ratio ) I most definitely have a laundry list of insecurities, but I do my best to not associate myself with people who point them out. I decided to post these photos from a recent photo shoot I had so you could see how things change in one click of a camera. In the first picture, I am worrying about holding my stomach in, positioning my feet the right way so you can’t see my one weird toe (bet you just looked for it, didn’t you?!), trying to hide my double chin from pms bloat with my hand, and so many other things. In the second shot, the extraordinary photographer and production guru for Mirabella Magazine, (no, seriously, we couldn’t do it without her!!) Jordan Corey told me to just relax….so I did. And out came my giggly, goofy, weirdo self…along with some stomach rolls, a few extra chins from looking down, and my crinkly nose that scrunches up to the extreme when I smile. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel amazing to just let it go, stop sucking in the gut and unleash my ungodly cackle of a laugh…

bottom line- just because someone always “appears” confident and full of self love, that isn’t always the case. Self love is difficult, forever changing, and a really hard journey to navigate. But trying to accept yourself and your flaws is almost half the battle. Give it a try. You could totally surprise yourself and emerge a full on diva without ever thinking you could! 




Sincerely yours, CM💋

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