Strange Practices 2

In a society where appearance carries such a tremendous weight, it comes as no surprise that people across the globe are trying almost anything and everything to find the illusive fountain of youth. Most women will try virtually anything to stay looking young as possible, and very few beauty treatments (no matter how strange or bizarre they may seem) are out of the question. It’s no secret that everyone could use a little beauty inspo now and then when our day to day regimens feel like they become mundane. Luckily, the world provides us with a wide range of beauty secrets and treatments. Outrageous and exotic beauty treatments have significantly boomed in recent years. Celebrity endorsements can make even the most bizarre practices and treatments instantly more alluring. I mean how can you resist the most seemingly outlandish detox wraps when Angelina and Madonna swear by them?! Sign me up! Although, it definitely makes me stop and think, are these beauty treatments legit or just a marketing ploy? I decided I needed to investigate the claims myself. After countless hours of research, a virtual trip around the world, and only a few nightmares; I have compiled my own list of some seriously strange beauty treatments that yielded some promising results.  

The Treatment The Claims The Verdict 
 Snail Slime Moisturizer Mix of elastin, glycolic acids & proteins. Treats acne, scars and burns. Minimizes wrinkles. The pros far outweigh the “ick” factor for me on this one! We vote yes. 
  Leech Detoxing Increases circulation and blood flow. Releases enzymes that remove toxins from blood. Can reduce swelling and dissolve blood clots. Great for people with painful and swollen varicose veins. Leech saliva contains beneficial enzymes. If you don’t “bug” out easily, definitely try it!  
 Bull Sperm Hair Treatments Protein packed treatment for over processed, frizzy hair. Restores and strengthens chemically damaged hair. Helps to increase volume, promotes a healthy scalp, and unbeatable shine. This treatment is not “bull”!  
24 Karat Gold Facials Lifts, hydrates, firms and brightens skin.  Definitely stimulates collagen production. Good as “gold” in our book! 
 Bee Venom Mask Non-invasive alternative to Botox. Yields anti-aging results without the commitment of cosmetic procedures. Lifts, tightens and firms without the needles! We get what all the “buzz” is about for sure! 
  Micro-Needling Pin-pricks puncture the skin just enough to reveal the new skin underneath. Micro-needling roller has the ability to break down blemishes and scars. Produces amazing results without excessive pain, or without removing too many layers of skin. If you can handle the needles, you “need” to try this one.  
    Stiletto Lift Injecting fillers into the balls of the feet to help ease the pain of wearing stilettos. It seems crazy, but long term, the filler encourages the foot to create its own collagen and thus its own cushioning. We all know the pain of wearing heels for too long, so it honesty doesn’t seem so outrageous to us. We could all use a little extra “lift.”