vera mona review

In a Makeup Artist’s world, time can be quite the adversary. It is oftentimes a friend, but there is always going to be that occurrence, whether it’s a fast-paced fashion show, a major photoshoot or some other event, where time will inevitably become a foe. Lack of adequate time is often a career killer for mua’s, and if you ask anyone in the industry, they will tell you how truly invaluable even an extra 5 minutes can be. I for one, am forever on the hunt for time saving products, and that is exactly what I have found in Vera Mona’s Color Switch and Color Switch Duo Brush Cleaners. The Color Switch allows mua’s to quickly and efficiently switch between eyeshadow colors. By simply swiping the brush over the sponge, even the most stubborn of glitter pigments and the blackest of black eyeshadows are completely removed; allowing you to switch to the next color with absolutely NO product transfer. Sounds too good to be true, right?! Just wait, because it only gets better. The Color Switch Duo houses a middle sponge specifically designed for wetting your bush so you can rapidly and effortlessly transition from dry to wet shadows .Founder and CEO Letty Calvo explains-“The story behind the Color Switch came from the frustration of using multiple brushes when applying eyeshadow. There wasn’t a product that allowed me to instantly clean my favorite brushes. The concept of Color Switch was born. “This revolutionary makeup kit necessity allows for full creative control and even the most vibrant of expressions without the risk and annoyance of color cross contamination. There is literally no other product that allows you to completely remove product from brushes without the frustrating dry time of liquid brush cleaner. Bottom line-this product is an absolute must have for mua’s far and wide. It does precisely what it claims to do, makes every application easier (whether you’re painting one face or ten), and is the perfect size to fit almost anywhere in your kit with ease. It’s a complete no-brainer. Why wouldn’t you want to make your life and your job easier?! Remember, every second counts and time is always of the essence, so be sure to spend it wisely!